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We offer a wide variety of legal service as more fully detailed below.  Our experienced lawyers have handled cases in many facets of the law, including Personal Injury Plaintiff Cases, DWI/DWAI and Criminal Defense, Matrimonial and Family Law, Landlord/Tenant work, Commercial and Real Estate transactions, Construction Law (liens, foreclosures and contract review) and Insurance Defense matters.


Please contact us for to set up a consultation so we can discuss if we are the right fit for you and your situation.

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If you own and/or operate a business, then you know that legal entanglements can become daunting and weigh down the progress, prosperity, and productivity of your business. Our experienced, business law  attorneys know how to draft effective contracts and protect your interests reviewing contracts drafted by other firms. Related subjects include: Entity formation: LLCs, Corps (S and C chapters), LLP's and partnerships;  Business litigation; Contract disputes: breach of contract, employment, non-compete, severance packages.


The State and its Constituents take a dim view of drunk driving. The law is tough and the penalties can be as well. Our Firm’s approach ensures that every client charged with a DWI alcohol/drug driving offense will receive the personal attention, advice and representation they need and deserve under our laws.  Our members have extensive training in DWI equipment so they fully understand the law behind it.
Related subjects: DMV refusal hearings.

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RLO’s team-centered approach ensures you receive the needed personal attention and that you have access to and benefit from the collective experience, knowledge and resources we have to offer in the area of Criminal  Law. Our attorneys provide effective representation on behalf of clients charged with serious felonies in Federal, State, County and Local Courts throughout New York. For less serious offenses, including misdemeanors, DWI / DWAIs offences, and traffic tickets, where can plead guilty by mail, pay the fine and, if applicable, suffer the collateral effect of points on your driver’s license. Or, you can fight that ticket with the help of an experienced traffic violations attorney.  Our practice spans throughout, NYC, Westchester and the Greater Hudson Valley region.  We also handle Federal and State criminal appeals. 


Related Subjects:  Federal White-Collar crimes, Sex offenses, Domestic Violence, Family Offenses, Larcenies, Shoplifting, DWI / DWAI / DUI and Drug Charges.


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RLO understands the emotional difficulty and strife associated with divorce.  Yet, at this confusing and highly emotional time, it is the precise time people
have to make vital and important legal decisions regarding theirs and, most often, their family’s futures. With that in mind, our Firm provides clients
with the crucial information needed during a very detail-oriented time, so they can make vital and important decisions in the most educated, efficient and expedient manner.


Related subjects: Divorce involving complex assets or high net worth issues, Property division, Paternity issues, Child custody/visitation and support, spousal maintenance (f/k/a alimony), Custodial parent relocation after divorce, Separation agreements, Post-divorce modifications and litigation.


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RLO’s civil litigation services extend to construction owners, contractors, developers, architects, engineers and sureties. In the practice area of construction litigation, RLO’s experience encompasses delay
claims, extra work, protest and defective construction claims, architect and engineer malpractice, surety bonds, mechanics liens and construction related
environmental issues, particularly asbestos abatement and the disposal of solid and hazardous waste. RLO has litigated on behalf of and against many of
the leading contractors, construction management companies, architectural and engineering firms performing work in the New York metropolitan area. Our construction and commercial clients return to us for our superior work quality at fair and reasonable rates for today’s competitive market and difficult
financial times.




Car, Motorcycle and Truck accidents, Drunk driver accidents, Slip and fall, Dog attacks, Construction accidents, Injuries caused by defective products. We prepare every personal injury case, including wrongful death, as if it will have to go to  trial in order to obtain a fair and just result. We investigate and gather evidence with trial in mind.  Kevin D. O'Dell concentrates in this area of the law extensively.  Kevin and firm members have worked with many experts and doctors to properly assess a case.  This preparation allows us to negotiate more effectively and achieve satisfying out-of-court results. We will never recommend a settlement unless we sincerely believe it is in your best interest and the most equitable outcome.

RLO has extensive experience in handling Landlord / Tenant disuptes both on the City Court level and in the Supreme Court venue.  RLO prides itself in getting to the bottom of the matter expeditiously and cost effectively.  We understand that Landlords do not want to waste resources and desire rapid results in order to protect their asset.  Additionally, we have worked with Tenants to ensure their rights are protected both under the law and in the lease.


RLO offers competitive rates for both Landlords and Tenants requiring legal representation.  Call us today for a free initial consultation.

Preparing a Last Will and Testament can be the single-most important document anyone will ever sign in their life.  This document, "in speaking from the grave," details how your assets will be distributed.  Without it, the laws of the state will control how your assets are distributed.  Ironically, many people do not take the time (or avoid) to make sure this process is completed.  RLO will make that process fast, cost effective, and as seemless as possible.


Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies can be equally important, especially with aging loved ones in the picture.   Contact us to discuss pricing options.

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